Plan Your Visit

Plan your visit to the Hermiston Aquatic Center. Our facility boasts features for all ages. Click on the information below to read about the amenities.







This 6 lane, 50 meter lap pool with walk in and step entrances is our large swim area with 4 foot depth down that slopes down to a 13 foot dive well. During public swim hours we have a basketball hoop, dive board and drop slide available for use.

Need some shade for your small group or family. Rent a Cabana with exclusive views away from the rest of the crowds. $10 for 2 hours or $20 for all day rental. Contact our Front Desk Staff for more information.

Want a yummy snack or sno-cone? Tiki Hut is currently running our concession stand and offers a great variety of snacks and drinks!

Dive board entering into 13 foot dive well. One person on the board at a time. One bounce per dive and only front, back and spin dives. Must be able to swim across pool to use the diving board.

Our family changing rooms offer families the ability to prepare for the water together. These two rooms have restroom facilities as well as a shower to get everyone prepared to hit the pool.

The First Aid/Lifeguard station is always buzzing with our friendly Lifeguards and staff trained to American Red Cross standards. If you are feeling discomfort, have a small injury, have a question or want to know what type of trainings our staff go through – please contact someone in a Guard shirt. *We aim to have our lifeguards ready for the unexpected at all times. Ongoing in-service trainings take place randomly throughout the day. If you see an incident, please stand back and let our certified guards handle the situation.

This 3.5 foot depth pool is powered by multiple jets that push the water and patrons around a track. The river links to our multi-use pool for easy access.

Life jackets are available to rent, free of charge with a piece of collateral. Life jackets must be coast guard approved to use in the facility.

We offer male and female specific locker rooms that have over 100 locker spaces available. Shower, sink and restroom facilities are attached to the locker rooms and access right onto the pool deck. Locks are available for $5.00. Children over the age of 2 cannot use a locker room of the opposite gender.

This 0 depth entry pool has multiple water features and links to our lazy river. This is the preferred swim area for little ones and those relaxing in shallow water. The water slide catch pits also empty into this pool.

This fully covered 500 square foot shelter is available for rent for large groups or picnics. Please visit our Rental’s page or ask a friendly staff member for more information.

Plan your visit to the Hermiston Aquatic Center. Our facility boasts features for all ages. Click on the information below to read about the amenities.







Large umbrella structures line our facility. Grab some shade under these first come first serve structures.

Blue Slide – Open air slide with catch pool. Only one rider at a time. Parents with a child that cannot swim or touch may ride down with that child. All patrons must be on their back or bottom at all times.

Green Slide – Enclosed slide with catch pool. Only one rider at a time. No lifejackets permitted. Ride slide feet first, either sitting or on back, with ankles crossed and arms across chest.

Drop Slide – Enclosed slide with 5 foot drop entering into the 13 foot dive well. Only one person is allowed on the slide at a time. Ride slide feet first. Rider must be able to swim across the pool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all patrons entering the facility must pay the entrance fee per Oregon Public Health Division.

Only service animals are allowed into the pool area. They must be 10’ from the water. Waste removal is the responsibility of the animal’s owner. If the animal exhibits aggressive behavior towards others, the patron and animal may be asked to leave. If you are traveling with a pet, consider checking with our local veterinary offices about day kenneling.

Yes, and if you need a lock we sell them for $5.

Yes, there are extra picnic tables scattered around the facility.

Umbrellas and small pop-up tents are allowed. Pop-up shade canopies (ex: 10x10 canopies) are not allowed. We do have areas with shade covers and you can reserve a Cabana area for as little as $20 for the day!

We offer several options for private parties. Click here to go to our Rental’s page.

Yes, but no glass containers please, and no alcohol is allowed.

Yes, lifejackets and puddle jumpers must be Coast Guard approved. Our friendly staff will check your device to make sure it is approved for the facility. Please call us if you have a question if it is Coast Guard approved.

Yes, our facility does allow outside food. No alcohol or glass is permitted on property, including the parking area. Food must be consumed in designated eating areas which are away from the pool deck. Please remember to clean up after yourself, throw away or recycle all trash.

No, we do not allow inflatable toys due to the potential dangers they may cause. Dive rings are okay. The lazy river will not hold large inflatables.

Disposable or reusable diapers are okay in the pool. We sell the reusable type at the pool. We also sell sunscreen, goggles, and locks.